TSC Explains Why JSS Teachers Haven’t Been Paid For 3 Months

by Business Watch Team
Junior Secondary Schools

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC), after months of complaining, has come out to acknowledge that teachers employed to teach the Junior Secondary Schools (JSS) have not been paid for three months since they got employed, causing tension among teachers.

The teachers’ employer recently recruited up to 35,500 Junior Secondary School teachers and distributed them across the country. Most of the teachers who joined JSS switched from primary schools and thousands are regretting the decision they made.

In a statement, TSC acknowledged that nearly half of the new recruits are yet to receive their pay. The commission explained that the delays were occasioned by different reporting times of the teachers in the schools they were posted.

“As is the procedure, the recruits are given 30 days within which to report to their various stations, which leads to some commencing their work later than others. This sometimes causes delays in the processing of their salaries,” said TSC in a statement.

So far, the Teachers Service Commission says it has processed over 50 percent of the salaries of newly employed teachers. unfortunately, most of the newly employed teachers are not members of any union, making it difficult for them to voice their grievances.

“We apologize for any delays that may have been occasioned by late reporting of teachers to their stations, or delayed submission of requisite documents. All efforts are being made to effect all the salaries in May,” the commission said in a statement to teachers.

The confirmation by the TSC comes even as the National Treasury said that salaries for teachers and other civil servants will not be paid in phases because the government is struggling to pay salaries for all civil servants. Teachers’ unions have warned the government that any delay in salaries will lead to a nationwide strike.

So far, all teachers within the mainstream have been paid apart from those within JSS.

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