TSC Latest Update On Recruitment Of Teachers, Requirements, How To Apply And Deadline

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Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is mandated by the Government of Kenya to employ primary and secondary school teachers.

In all learning institutions, the commission employs thousands of qualified teachers. The body recently announced it will be recruiting more teachers soon, so all qualified persons should keep up with the latest TSC recruitment news and procedures

The newly announced TSC recruitment has sparked much interest. Thousands of job openings were announced by the government. All qualified candidates should be familiar with the recruitment procedure, and they should take the required steps to get ready

TSC Recruitment 2023

In October 2022, President William Ruto announced the government will hire at least 30,000 teachers beginning January 2023. The move is aimed at closing the prevailing teacher shortage in primary and secondary schools

The current shortage is partly attributed to natural attrition. The soon-to-be TSC replacement process will bridge the gap and improve the quality of education in the country. Recruitment will be done by the TSC

Although the president has alerted qualified persons to be ready for TSC employment in 2023, the body is yet to announce open vacancies. This means that the recruitment portal is still closed.

The number of TSC vacancies per county also remains unknown. Once the body is ready, it will call for applications and open the application portal to the public

If you are a trained and qualified teacher seeking employment, you must familiarise yourself with the minimum requirements for the fast-approaching recruitment process. Below are the minimum requirements to be shortlisted for a position

Minimum requirements for TSC recruitment

  1. Primary school teachers
  2. Must be a Kenyan citizen
  3. Must be a holder of a P1 certificate
  4. Must be registered with the TSC

Secondary school teachers

  1. Must be a Kenyan citizen
  2. Must be a holder of at least a Diploma in Education
  3. Must be registered with the Teachers Service Commission

Practicing teachers

  1. Must be a Kenyan citizen
  2. Must be a holder of a P1 certificate
  3. Be a holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Education with two teaching subjects
  4. Must have attained at least C+ (plus) mean grade in KCSE or its equivalent in the two teaching subjects
  5. Must be serving under the Teachers Service Commission

Intern teachers

  1. Must be a Kenyan citizen
  2. Must be registered with the TSC
  3. Must be a holder of a P1 Certificate for Primary school teachers or a minimum of a Diploma in Education for secondary school teachers
  4. Have original academic and professional certificates should not have been in previous employment with the TSC as a teacher on permanent terms
  5. Must be ready to be posted to any public educational institution in the country
  6. Must have personal accident insurance to cover personal risks during the internship period

How to apply for TSC recruitment

  1. Visit the TSC online portal on an internet-enabled device. A laptop or desktop computer is recommended.
  2. Sign in to the portal, and click Active Adverts for Teachers. You will be redirected to a page with a list of open vacancies.
  3. Scroll to your desired post and click Actions.
  4. Click View/ Apply. You will view all the details related to the post.
  5. Enter your surname, ID, and TSC number to proceed.
  6. Fill in the details that follow to complete the application. Once done, click Submit to complete the process.

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