TSC Lists Key Changes On Salaries, Posting, Transfer And Deployment Of Teachers

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The Teachers Service Commission, TSC has addressed the long delay in the processing of salaries for newly employed teachers.

TSC has made changes to the procedures of posting, transfers, and deployment of teachers. These tasks will now be done online, as opposed to the current tiresome manual process.

Consequently, the newly employed teachers will no longer wait for three months or so to receive their salaries. In a new reform measure, being implemented by TSC, the new teachers will start receiving their salaries at the end of the first month of their employment.

In a new reform, the teacher’s employer has introduced an online system to cut delays in the disbursement of teachers’ salaries.

According to TSC Secretary Dr. Nancy Macharia, teachers will now henceforth, report under new online reform measures currently being implemented by the Commission, which allows them to receive their salaries at the end of the first month.

The reporting system for the new teachers is expected to end delays in processing their first month’s payment from the initial three months to just one.

Dr. Macharia directed that there will no longer be the manual filling of entry and exit reports commonly known as Causality returns for the teachers under the new.

Principals usually write the causality whenever new teachers report to schools, data which is subsequently sent to TSC and used to pay teachers or undertake other processes.

Sometimes, delays in filling and sending the causalities have led to long waits in the processing of the salaries. TSC has already sent a circular to all field officers spelling out the implementation of the new online module on posting, entry, and existence of teachers.

Also, being affected are the deployment and transfers of teachers, tasks that will now be fully done online.

According to TSC Nancy Macharia, the initiative is intended to eventually phase out all the manual processes of issuing, submission, and processing of posting, transfer, deployment letters, and related returns with the ultimate goal of enhancing service delivery to teachers and stakeholders.

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