TSC Set To Promote At Least 12,000 Stagnated Teachers

by Business Watch Team

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is set to promote at least 12,634 teachers who have been “stagnated in the same job group for years”. This is according to TSC CEO Dr. Nancy Macharia.

To make the promotion of the said teachers possible, the teachers’ employer is asking the government to avail 2.2 billion shillings to TSC. Nancy says the cash will be used to move the teachers to “higher ranks.”

“There are teachers who have stagnated in the same job group for a long time. We feel it is time for us to promote them. This will encourage them to discharge their duties with more motivation,” she said.

The promotion will benefit teachers from different categories including 4,595 primary school teachers currently stagnated in Job Group C1. All of them will be moved to Job Group C2.

The promotion will also benefit another set of 2,637 graduate teachers who will be promoted to Job Group C4 from Job Group C3. Other 652 graduate teachers in Grade D3 will be moved and promoted to Job Group D4.

Asked why the teachers had stagnated in the same job group for years, Macharia said that the Commission has been having financial challenges that would have been used to promote the teachers.

“As we all know, promotion is not just about the title or Job Group. It is about the benefits that come with the promotion and we believe that with the funds, we shall be able to give the said teachers what they have been waiting for long,” she said.

In the past few months, TSC has been racing against time to address the massive teacher shortage across the country that has threatened to paralyze learning in many public schools, especially after the rollout of the Junior Secondary Schools.

More than 30,000 teachers have since been employed and deployed by TSC to various schools across the country.

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