TSC To Employ 14,000 Teachers For The Looming Double Transition

by Business Watch Team

The number of unemployed teachers is increasing every year in year out. TSC has not been able to absorb all trained teachers at once upon graduation.

Thousands of trained teachers are yet to be absorbed by TSC while several others have stagnated in the same job grade for years and they seeking promotions. But there is good news. 14,000 teachers will be employed in the coming mass recruitment.

According to TSC Chief Executive Officer Dr. Macharia, the commission requires 10 billion shillings for staffing. TSC also requires 5.3 billion shillings to recruit 8,000 teachers and 1.2 billion shillings to recruit 6,000 interns.

CEO Nancy Macharia also said that another 2 billion shillings are required for the promotion of teachers on a competitive basis and the remaining amount will go to other issues such as appraisals.

The looming double transition next year has attracted a lot of concern about the burden teachers will have bearing in mind that most secondary schools in the country are struggling with a shortage of teachers.

She further informed that teacher mentorship and coaching and the rollout of the biometric teacher registration require funding.

2021, over 300,000 teachers applied only 11,000 teaching slots which were advertised in the July mass recruitment. This is a clear indication that many trained teachers are desperately seeking a TSC job.

The news of the mass hiring of teachers comes a few days after the Teachers’ employer deregistered more than 68 teachers for various misconduct. 28 of the teachers who were deregistered committed their offenses during the month of March.

Most of the offenses committed by the teachers who were deregistered included sexual misconduct where most of them, male, was found to have had sexual relations with students that they teach. Others were deregistered for drug abuse while working while some for being absent from their workstations without notice.

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