Tusker Cider Departs Soiree Packages For Lovers This Month Of Love

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Tusker Cider

February is typically the month of love. It’s the month when Cupid takes a break from his archery practice to play matchmaker, and even the most stoic individuals find themselves caught in the crossfire of heart-shaped arrows, sweet words flowing, and smiles reigning.

This is the month where romance is not just encouraged but practically mandatory, and those who dare to resist the allure of love are met with a barrage of chocolate-covered guilt trips, with sweet, smooth, and melodious tunes playing from the background.

There is no doubt that in the grand theater of affection, February is the spotlight moment for couples to showcase their love in the most extravagant and, at times, borderline absurd ways. But what make don’t know is that February would be meaningless without a drink.

Talking of a drink, nobody does it better than Tusker Cider. The brand has deviated from the norm to design a unique hamper to reflect the month of love. It is an enticing Soiree package to consumers who purchase through their e-commerce platform https://ke.thebar.com/ as well as other selected outlets.

Tusker Cider’s celebration of friendship and responsible enjoyment has actually extended to convenient hampers available at select Quickmart and Naivas stores in Nairobi. These hampers, filled with delightful treats, complement the month-long festivities.

Here are some outlets where one can purchase these hampers and express their love in another form away from the withering flowers:

Those shopping with Quickmart, get it at:

  • Quickmart
  • Jipange
  • Embakasi
  • Kiambu Rd
  • Kileleshwa
  • Lavington
  • Kilimani

Those shopping with Naivas Supermarket, get it at:

  • Naivas Capital
  • Naivas Waterfront
  • Naivas Green Span
  • Naivas Juja
  • Naivas Kahawa Sukari
  • Naivas Ojijo
  • Bluesky Syokimau
  • Bluesky Utawala

Well, if you thought that love starts and ends on the February 14 of each year, you better think again. You have an opportunity to “redeem” yourself and express that love in kind to your loved one.

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