Unleashing The Beastly Nature Of The OPPO Reno11 Series

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OPPO Reno11

OPPO Reno11 Series is now in the Kenyan market. The massive smartphone series hits the Kenyan market at a time when the demand for smartphones that meet the ever-changing preferences of the Kenyan user is off the roof. OPPO Reno11 is a masterpiece with the addition of a beast in it.

There is no doubt that OPPO Reno11 5G promises to set a new standard for flagship performance for smartphones within its price range. Launched in Kenya on January 25th, 2024, the OPPO Reno11 5G combines sleek design, powerful performance, and innovative features, catering to the discerning smartphone user.

Reno11 flows effortlessly into your life with its gorgeous 3D Curved Design and slim and lightweight body. At just 7.99mm thin, it is sleek and weighs a mere 182g, is comfortable to hold, even after long bouts of streaming or reading. Reno11 5G comes in two colors, Wave Green and Rock Grey, both are inspired by nature and catch light exquisitely.

In Wave Green, Reno11 conjures images of green sea waves under a clear sky with its Shimmering Silk Design. To achieve this elegant style, OPPO pioneered a new technique of pattern transfer from natural fabric, adding organic authenticity to Reno11’s aesthetic.

For a more subdued style, Reno11 in Rock Grey reveals layers of bright and soft silver-grey glitter when held up to the light. Manufactured with the exclusive OPPO Glow process, tiny sparkling crystals are etched at the microscopic level to create a finish that not only sparkles but also appears soft and smooth.

Embracing contrast, Reno11’s Sunshine Ring camera system rises from its rich-looking back, teasing the capable Ultra-Clear Portrait Camera System within.

When using Reno11, its 120Hz 3D curved screen pulls focus with its large 6.7 size and punchy display technology. Framed by an ultra-slim border for an almost all-screen experience, its 93% screen-to-body ratio is both supremely immersive and class-leading.

This immersion continues to Reno11’s brilliant 10-bit AMOLED screen, showcasing over 1 billion colors for natural-looking gradients and more true-to-life visuals. HDR10+ certification conjures enchanting highlights and atmospheric shadows, and with dual stereo speakers, movies and shows sound as good as they look.

Crank up your favorite tunes or give quiet tracks a boost with Reno11’s Ultra Volume Mode, with 300% volume from the dual stereo loudspeakers. Reno11 also boosts in-call volume by up to 200% for easy-to-hear conversations.

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