Unmasking The LG Dual Cool

by Business Watch Team

Environmentalists and scientists around the world have been demonstrating. Their cry has been loud enough but it appears few are willing to listen.

They have been calling on the people to take care of the earth. According to them, we need this earth more than it needs us and that we should do whatever we can to reduce global warming.

And the effects of global warming can already be seen around the world; the rising temperatures, frequent wildfires, and rising sea tides among others. In many places around the world, homes have become inhabitable due to high temperatures.

Kenya, for instance, is set to experience a 70 percent rise in the need for Air Conditioners by 2030 according to the recent data by United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). As of 2020, at least 24,000 units were sold annually, this is expected to hit 80,000 units per year by 2030.

The rising temperatures have sent makers of air conditioners back to the drawing table. The majority of them are trying to catch up with the ever-changing times and trends. The latest entrant is the invention of smart air conditioners such as The LG Dual Cool that are redefining homes.

The LG Dual Cool

For those who may not know, typical ACs have compressors that turn off to adjust the temperature, consuming a great deal of energy. The LG Dual Cool has a Dual Inverter Compressor that constantly adjusts a compressor’s speed to maintain desired temperature levels. This minimal fluctuation saves energy and ensures greater cooling comfort. It also comes with a power-saving operation range frequency that saves more energy than a conventional compressor.

To protect it from potential damage as a result of voltage fluctuations, the Dual Cool comes with a Volt Care feature. The feature is composed of LVS (Low Voltage Starter), AVS (Automatic Voltage Switcher), and HVS (High Voltage Safe) technologies. LVS and HVS protect the unit from low and high-power supply and AVS allows for stable operation during voltage fluctuation range.

An Air Conditioner doesn’t need to be noisy. The LG Dual Cool air conditioners operate at low sound levels, thanks to LG’s unique skew fan and DUAL Inverter Compressor™ which eliminate unnecessary noise and allow for smooth operation, making your stay peaceful and convenient.

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