We All Have A Role To Play In The Fight Against Global Warming

by Business Watch Team

Global warming is becoming a concern to almost everyone around the world. Mother Nature seems upset. She is angry and furious. Her fury has already started manifesting itself and she is threatening to wipe us all out unless we wake up and listen to her voice.

Glaciers are melting and oceans are rising. Deserts are spreading and wildfires like those that rocked the whole of Australia are on the increase. Desert locusts are migrating, invading nations such as Kenya like well-coordinated armies, ravaging anything green on their way. Governments are scared. The people are terrified. Something needs to be done.

Everybody has a role to play

The fight against global warming is not a one-man show. It is not a role that should be left for governments alone. It is not about blaming others and praising others. It is about a collective responsibility of making sure that by the time we shall be leaving the face of the earth, we shall leave it a better place than we found it.

Truth is, if we do not take care of Mother Nature, Mother Nature will take care of us and the results will not be pleasing. Combating climate change starts with you. It starts with such simple acts as planting a tree, using equipment that are friendly to the environment and above all, caring about the future of the earth.

Manufacturers have an opportunity to save the earth

Manufacturers around the world have a huge responsibility in ensuring that the world is a safe place to live and do business. The fact is, a lot of damage that has been caused on the ozone layer, leading to not only emitting of some dangerous gases but allowing dangerous rays hit the earth, has been caused by manufacturers (factories).

Most countries, including Kenya, have banned the production and use of single-use plastic bags and bottles, although the ban seems only effective on paper with things being different on the ground. Oceans are choking under plastics and the air is suffocating under poisonous gases and too much heat. Manufacturers, especially those that deal with electronics can help protect the earth through the making of products that emit less heat, less carbon, use less energy and generally friendly to the environment.

How Daikin is using R32 product to go green

According to Daikin, the air is something that surrounds us 24 hours a day. “Our existence, as well as earth’s, depends on it,” says the company in their latest publication for East Africa. As Daikin enters Kenya, it says “the future of the world’s air is our greatest concern.”

“We the manufacturers of the world’s best air-conditioners, are always paving the path to save our environment for the next generation,” said Daikin in their publication. The company has since phased out all their R22 air-conditioning models and shifted to the green refrigerant R32. “Now, the whole world is coming together to find and work on a way to address global warming issues. We are also offering worldwide free access to patents for equipment using next-generation refrigerant, R32.”

According to Daikin, the Refrigerant choice is key in saving the ozone layer and reducing global warming. “Daikin is bringing the global trend of eco-friendly refrigerant-based products to East Africa. R32 energy-efficient refrigerant saved both power and money.”

R32 is friendly to the environment on four fronts; zero ozone depletion potential, better life cycle climate potential, 75 percent less carbon dioxide emissions, and 1/3rd global warming potential.

What we need

What we need are energy-saving gadgets that will transform the earth and make it a better place to live. Technology is what will transform the world.

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