“We Need the Earth More Than It Needs Us” As Call To Earth Day Returns

by Business Watch Team
Call to earth

They say that we need the earth more than it needs us. That the earth does not belong to us; we have just borrowed it from future generations, and, therefore, we need to take good care of it and hand it over better than we found it. Media giant CNN has been at the forefront of rallying calls and shining light on environmental emergencies facing the planet.

In celebrating the return of Call to Earth Day, CNN has dedicated its various channels spanning television, digital, and social media platforms to live-stream live events in partnerships with schools, organizations, and individuals across the globe, devoted to conservation, environmentalism, and sustainability.

Call to Earth Day is part of Call to Earth, a major network initiative launched by CNN in 2019, in partnership with Rolex and its Perpetual Planet initiative, shining a light on those committed to safeguarding our planet for future generations.

“The first Call to Earth Day proved just how motivated people are to take tangible actions and tackle the climate crisis directly.  Seeing that response has inspired us to continue its momentum, with this year’s event will arriving as many of the world’s leaders and keenest scientific minds prepare to gather in Egypt for COP27,” said Ellana Lee, SVP & Managing Editor, CNN Asia Pacific.

In 2021, CNN connected with thousands of environmental organizations around the world, including over 500 schools, to raise awareness, educate students, and inspire actions that created real impact.

Over the last three years, this award-winning programming has told stories of change-makers, visionaries, and ground-breaking projects making a difference to the world around them.

This year’s Call to Earth Day focuses on Living Oceans: Turning the Tide, which included stories, live programming, and interviews on this theme, gathered from across Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and both North and South America, ran every hour of CNN International programming.

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