We Should End The Culture Of Cyberbullying In Kenya

by Business Watch Team

There is an unwritten rule that Kenyans on Twitter are an army that you never want to mess with. Once they direct their missiles at you, you will need a thick skin to survive.

Who are Kenyans on Twitter? Call them KoT. This is a group of human beings who have an opinion of anything even if they have none. Their word is the law and their command is supreme.

But sometimes, Kenyans on Twitter go overboard on their tyranny to the point of bullying others to the extreme. Some have fallen into depression as a result while some have committed suicide.

It usually starts as a joke from one or two people, then it grows to a mountainous issue, sometimes featuring among the trending topics in Kenya. The sad part is the engineers of Cyberbullying in Kenya are rarely aware that what they are engaging in is actually Cyberbullying.

A lady will post a selfie of herself, innocently chasing for likes and gratification, unaware of the KOT Police Officers who will pounce on it like hungry wolves. Woe unto that lady if she won’t “find favor” with her looks. They will break her apart, piece by piece until she regrets the day she was born.

The other day, someone sat and decided that Uncle Moody Awori was dead. A conversation started online. Within no time, messages of Rest in Peace Uncle Moody Awori were ruling the Kenyan internet. It turned out the good old man was at his home, eating Ugali and fish, unaware of people mourning his death on Twitter.

The bullies are so vicious that they chased a whole president of the Republic of Kenya, then Uhuru Kenyatta, out of all his social media accounts. Uhuru Kenyatta deleted his Twitter, closed his Facebook, suspended his Instagram, and ran away from LinkedIn just to be away from the wrath of Kenyans.

Cyberbullying might not be a crime but it is not the right thing to do. Before pressing the button to send that tweet or that post, ask yourself, “How will I feel if this is directed at me?”.

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