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UBA Bank

As of April 2022, there were 1.68 million active Instagram users in Kenya. However, the number might be higher than that since most Kenyan youngsters often access the platform at different times of the year. Others have multiple accounts too.

Instagram is among the mostly-used social media platforms in Kenya. Initially, the platform was viewed as one where people would upload and share images of themselves for others to like and comment on them. But the wave has grown into something beyond.

Currently, apart from posting pictures on Instagram, users can be able to go live and interact with their followers (fans) or post on their profiles (known as Insta Stories) for people to view and interact with. At the same time, they can also post videos of their different activities.

From “only” Social to Business

Instagram is no longer “just a social media tool” where users would share pictures and get nothing out of it. It has evolved into something big that is helping both small and medium enterprises as well as giant corporations to grow their businesses.

Tech and communication experts are of the view that Instagram leads other social media tools in terms of business conversations and leads. This is supported by the fact that many businesses have moved the display of their products and services online to reach a wider range of both existing and new clients.

The platform has become popular among small business owners who display their products and then deliver them to their customers. Some of the most popular products that sell like hotcakes on Instagram include beauty products and pieces of clothing.

In the past two to three years, the platform has seen many multinationals dealing with cars and real estate rushing to tap into the magic of conversion that is with Instagram and many have reported a jump in sales.

Advantages of using Instagram for business

There are three major advantages of using Instagram for both business and social issues.

It is easy and simple: All one needs is an attractive artwork/image that will capture the eyes of other users as soon as they see it. The image has to have a catchy caption that would compel one to take an action or change perception.

It is free: All social media platforms are free. One does not pay to use Instagram hence making it viable and friendly to one’s marketing budget. One can only spend money if he or she wants to sponsor a post for a wider reach.

High conversation rate: Instagram has been said to be one of the social media platforms with a higher conversion rate when it comes to sales. This makes it one of the most preferred tools for both small and big businesses.

The magic of Instagram banking from UBA Kenya

You may have heard about WhatsApp banking. But Instagram Banking? Does this even exist? Is it even possible for one to transact via Instagram? Well, it is possible and one bank is making this happen in Kenya; UBA Kenya through its product, Leo.

Having looked at how important Instagram is to businesses, it was time for someone to come up with a feature that would enable people to transact directly with their bank without having to leave the social media tool, and UBA Kenya has made this possible. You still don’t believe it?

If you doubt the above, it is because you have not interacted with UBA Leo, a virtual banking service by UBA Kenya that lets customers transact while still on their favorite social media sites such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook.

UBA Kenya has changed Banking as we know it by launching Instagram Banking with Leo the Banks’ Chat Bot. Now unlike never before, UBA Kenya customers can transact using Instagram.

Yes! It is now possible to bank on social media when you open an account with UBA Bank with all the security of your data and money being taken into consideration. How does this work? You may be asking.

First, you will need to open an account at any UBA Bank Branch. You cannot transact with a bank without having an account there. Right? So, open an account with them first.

Once you have opened your account, open your Instagram and follow officialubachatbanking, a verified account. Then send a DM to Leo by just saying “hi”. You will then receive a DM on how to register for the service.

Then that’s it! You will have access to your bank account to transact, check your statement, transfer funds to M-Pesa, top-up airtime, and much more!

UBA is in touch with your lifestyle and has found a way of making it more convenient for you to bank while on your Instagram! Leo is a product that has unique features set to change how people bank and transact.

But who is UBA Kenya?

UBA Kenya Bank Limited is a subsidiary of United Bank for Africa Plc (“UBA”, “The Group”). UBA Group is a leading Pan-African financial services group with a presence in 20 African countries, as well as the United Kingdom, the United States of America, France, and Dubai. UBA PLC was incorporated in Nigeria as a limited liability company after taking over the assets of the British and French Bank Limited, which had been operating in Nigeria since 1949.

UBA Kenya Bank started operations in Kenya in October 2009 with 3 branches in Nairobi and has since increased its footprint to 5 branches in Nairobi, Nakuru & Mombasa.

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