What Is Dead On Arrival? What Does LG Have For You?

by Business Watch Team

Nothing frustrates one like buying an electronic, using one’s hard-earned cash, and when you arrive in the house, it refuses to work. It has a manufacturing defect. This is called “Dead On Arrival.”

Dead on Arrival is a term that indicates that an item or merchandise received by a buyer was found to have a manufacturing defect on arrival

When an item is “dead on arrival”, so many things go on in your mind. You start asking yourself questions like; will the seller accept this item back? Will the seller remember my face? Will the seller accept to exchange this item for another one?

Many people end up losing money. Why? Sometimes, after buying an item and finding out it is defective, sellers don’t just want to take it back. Some will start giving you “stories” and even accuse you of having interfered with the item.

But, did you know that with LG Electronics, when your item is “declared dead on arrival” you are covered?

If you find out that your item is defective within the first 7 days of purchase, you are free to return the item and replace it with a new one or the current product will be repaired on a priority basis meanwhile a loan unit is issued to you at your convenience. Great. Right?

So, if you buy a genuine electronic from LG Electronic; say a television set or a microwave, and within 7 days find out that it is not working, do not panic. The giant electronic has you covered. Just return and you will be sorted.

What should you do to be safe? Please buy from genuine and verified LG outlets. You can buy directly through their website and they will deliver it to wherever you will be. Stop buying gadgets by the roadside and go for the quality.

To always put the customer before everything, the tech giant rolled out four special numbers; 2, 10, 7, and 14. These are the magic numbers with the customer being at the heartbeat of each one of them. Keep it here to find out more about them.

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