What Is Does The “7-Day-Return-Policy” Mean?

by Business Watch Team

We all buy electronics with the hope that they will work just fine. Nobody buys electronics with anticipation of them failing to work as soon as they are installed. But some do fail. So, what happens when that happens?

For some sellers, once an electronic is sold, it can never be returned. In fact, their receipts are always bold and clear, “Goods once sold cannot be returned.” If you buy from such shops, when your electronics fail, you are doomed.

For some, once an electronic fails to work after purchase, it can be returned but as a customer, you will be treated as a suspect. You will be asked irritating questions that will imply that it is you who made it fail to work on purpose.

However, if you buy your electronics from LG Brand Shops across the country, they have what we call a 7-day-return-policy. This means that, in the event that your electronic fails to work within the 7 days of being purchased, you are allowed to return it to the shop.

There are two things that will happen when you return the electronic: it will be checked by the experts and the default rectified, or it will be exchanged with another one. This is tailored towards making sure that as a customer, you get the best and value for your money.

There are other pluses that come with shopping from LG Brand Shops. For instance, free delivery of whatever you purchase. LG Electronics will ensure that they deliver whatever you have purchased right to your doorstep in good shape. They will not only deliver it for free but will install it for you for free too. What more would one look for in a brand?

Some of the iconic LG Brand Shops that you can visit as you start this 5-day holiday are; Kenrail Towers, Adlife Plaza, TRM & Palm Breeze Mombasa.

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