What Is The Most Important Thing In Your Business?

by Business Watch Team

There are three important things in your business; the product/service, the customer, and the employees (team). The three work together to form a “business.”

You cannot have a business without a product/service. At the same time, you cannot have a business without someone to buy into your product/service.

Of the three elements; product/service, customer, and employees, which one is the most important? Which one is the heartbeat of your business?

The Most Important Thing

The most important thing in your business is the team you have. It is your employee. It is neither your product/ service nor the customer.

You may have the best product/ service in the world. You may have world-class clients, but if you have a pathetic and terrible team/employees, your business is as good as dead.

It is your employee who determines whether your product/ service sells or your client is retained. In most cases, your clients don’t leave you because of your product but your employees.

Your employees are your first consumers. They are the first to come in contact and taste your product/service before selling the same to your customers.

The way you treat your employees is the same way they treat your customers. If you treat them as rubbish, they will treat your customers as rubbish.

There are four questions that will help you audit your employees:

  • How well do your employees know your product or service?

  • How do your employees communicate with your customers?

  • So your employees always meet deadlines?

  • Do your employees work as a team or everyone for themselves?

Motivate Your Employees

As a business owner, you must motivate your employees to always bring the best out of them. A motivated team is always a winning team.

There are five simple ways to motivate your employees;

  • Pay your employees

  • Pay your employees on time

  • Share the blame as well as the success

  • Set realistic targets for your employees

  • Always share a talk with them. Be a leader.

Every employee comes to work because they want money. Money is always the driving factor of any person who goes to work. As an employer, you should always know that people work to be paid.

If you don’t pay your employees on time, they will not have much time to settle and concentrate on your business. They will constantly be worried about their financial problems and how to settle bills.

The Moment You Start Feeling…

The moment you start feeling like your employees are becoming a burden, or as though you are doing them a favor by them being at your office/ business, the end of your business is near.

The moment you start feeling pain every time you pay your employees, you are on the verge of shutting down your business. Have a team you can manage to pay without feeling the pain.

The Good Team

Now that the team/ employees are the most important thing in business, what defines a good team? Easy.

A good team;

  • Observes deadlines

  • Organized and has a plan

  • Works as a team

  • Shares both the wins and losses

Be a good employer. Model a good team.

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