What Should You Look For When Buying A House?

by Business Watch Team

Everyone needs a house or a place to call home. Having a roof over your head is a dream for almost every individual; whether rented or purchased. Not every structure can be called a house. Not every concrete is a home.

Getting that ideal house to buy or rent is not an easy task, especially if you are in Nairobi or within its environs. With conmen lingering in almost every corner with posters and billboards, one ought to always be cautious while looking for a house on these streets.

Here is what you should put in mind when looking for a house to purchase:

The company: This is very important. Remember, a home you purpose to buy is set to be part of your life. Do not be in a hurry to pump your cash into unknown entities. Find out the kind of company you are dealing with. Use companies with a longstanding history of quality and value like Centum Real Estate or others.

Free space: Most houses being constructed and sold within and without Nairobi are being built in total disregard of free space for kids and adults to unwind during the weekend or free time. When buying a house, consider how much free space has been set aside for activities such as kid’s playgrounds, jogging tracks, swimming pools, among others. I would advise that you look at the designs of Mzizi Court Apartments at Two Rivers and know what I am talking about.

Social amenities: Social amenities are what defines us as human. You cannot purchase a house that will put you in isolation in terms of schools, hospitals, or even places of worship. Carry out a reconnaissance visit on where the schools are, hospitals, shopping centers/malls, among others.

The neighborhood: Your neighborhood defines your worth. It also determines your security. You do not want to buy a house that borders a slam for instance (not because you hate people who stay there) but for your convenience and security, as well as for your peace of mind too when you need a moment of silence.


Mzizi: Set in a tranquil environment within the Diplomatic Blue Zone, in Nairobi’s Gigiri area, Mzizi is an affordable residential development by Centum Real Estate. These apartments satisfy the need for quality and secure residences in a truly exceptional neighborhood. This demand will ensure uptake and full tenancy all year round which will guarantee rental yields and attractive returns for landlords.

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