What Teachers Need To Know About Their Medical Scheme For Maternity And Support For Parents

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The Teacher’s Medical Scheme comes with many benefits for Kenyan teachers including the provision of maternity services, and family planning tools among others.

These benefits are available to Principal members and their spouses.

Prenatal and antenatal care

These are monthly checkups with a Nurse, Midwife, Doctor, or Gynecologist throughout the pregnancy. It helps keep the baby and mother healthy.

It entails the running of some routine tests and any extra tests if need be. The mother will also have her questions answered. The World Health Organization currently recommends 8 or more visits from the previously recommended 4 visits.

Iron and Folic Acid supplements are also administered during the visits.

Delivery fees

The process of delivery includes 4 stages of monitoring from the moment one is admitted into labor. Medication may be provided depending on need.

Emergency cesarean section

In instances where labor does not progress as it should, an Emergency Caesarean Section will be needed. This is necessary to ensure no harm comes to the fetus. This is a surgical procedure done in theatre and needs 3 days or more of monitoring post-surgery.

Preterm care

Babies born before term (37 weeks) pregnancy, also termed as premature need extra monitoring until they are stable to go home. This may warrant admission to the Special Baby Care Unit or Newborn Intensive Care Unit.

Family planning

This allows individuals to attain the desired number of children, if any, and determine the spacing of their pregnancies using a wide range of contraceptive methods such as;

  • Long Acting – Inter Uterine Copper Device (IUCD, commonly known as coil) and Implant.
  • Short Acting – Oral Contraceptive Pills
  • Hormonal Contraception – Oral Pills, Implants, and Hormonal IUCD
  • Natural Contraception – through fertility education, awareness and information.

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