Why Bare Minimum In Employment Pays More Than Hard Work

by Business Watch Team

Someone who does the bare minimum at work once said, “You have to do just enough not to get fired, and just little to be needed the following day.”

Another master of bare minimum said, “It is all about not being too much in front to be noticed as one who moves things. That might mean more work.

It is also all about not being too much behind to be blamed for the failures, sometimes of others.

The truth is, in most employment setups, the bare minimum will have you getting paid with less stress than someone who works hard.

Think about this; the arrival time at work is 8 am. A hardworking human who wants to be seen will come at 7 am. While a person who does the bare minimum will pop in at 9 am with excuses of traffic.

Now, as these two individuals work, the hardworking one will be one hour ahead in terms of working. The bare minimum human will even not be aware of that time. He or she gives no damn.

Now, here is the irony. Say the two individuals are paid 30,000 shillings each. At the end of the month, both the bare minimum and the hardworking person will be paid 30,000 shillings.

Many employers don’t know this. The majority of them see their businesses move and grow. They walk around thinking their team is working, but in reality, only one or two people are. The rest are just hanging in there.

But guess what, let someone little go wrong… The person who is always in front, always working to be seen is the first to receive the blame. The person who delivers the bare minimum is neither in front nor at the back. They end up unnoticed. Stress-free.

So, not all hard work pays. Some work will drive you to the grave. Do what you can and go home. You will die and some other people will be found to do the job.

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