Why Do Kenyans Prefer Using Bolt Over Other Service Providers?

by Business Watch Team

I have used Bolt for years. Ever since I started using taxi-hailing apps, my first choice was Bolt. If Bolt were to award long-term customers, I guess my account would be among the oldest and the most active. This is not to brag but I have never encountered an incident with these drivers.

I have friends who have run into problems with Bolt drivers. I have to admit that there are some rotten eggs within the “force” but the majority of them are hardworking men and women, hustling to take care of their families during these hard economic times.

In my years of using Bolt, despite the challenges, I have come to learn that Kenyans do love Bolt because of four major reasons:

Affordability: Bolt is one of the most affordable taxi-hailing service providers in Kenya. The service makes traveling from one point to another cheaper as compared to using a normal taxi where one has to estimate and bargain the prices. Anyone anyone who uses Bolt about this.

Availability: Try having two taxi-hailing apps with Bolt being one of them. Order for a ride from the two at the same time. You will realize that Bolt riders are virtually all over you as compared to others. I came to learn that drivers go to the extent of turning off other apps because Bolt has more customers.

Discounts: This has always been a darling of many Bolt customers. Bolt will surprise you with discounts on your trip at the listed expected time. I asked Bolt how drivers recover the discounts and they said all the discounts are catered for by the company and the driver gets the full amount.

Boda: By the way, if you want to save with Bolt, use their Boda option. It is fast, and not limited by the numerous traffic jams, especially if you are in Nairobi.

Many people have different experiences with Bolt. That I know. But they are still among the best.

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