Why Do People Make Calls Via WhatsApp?

by Business Watch Team

There has been a heated discussion on Twitter as to why people make calls via WhatsApp. It sounds like a petty matter but to some, it is a big deal.

Kenya has over 28 million WhatsApp users. The platform has grown so prominently that it is now used for official business deals and contracts.

Many people use WhatsApp for sending and receiving messages. Many are on WhatsApp Groups for ease of communication and coordination.

But when it comes to WhatsApp calls, many people have reservations. Some actually consider it disrespectful to make a WhatsApp call without informing the other person prior to the call.

First things first; why do some people prefer making WhatsApp calls?

WhatsApp calls are cheaper. All that one needs are data bundles (a strong internet) and they will be good to go. With WiFi, one spends no cash on making WhatsApp calls.

WhatsApp calls are more secure than normal calls. Just like WhatsApp messages, the calls are also encrypted end-to-end making it hard for people to eavesdrop on the conversations.

WhatsApp calls allow video calls without any extra cost. This means the parties can call each other on video without spending a dime and have a great conversation.

So, why do some people get very uncomfortable with WhatsApp calls?

The calls depend entirely on the availability of the Internet or data bundles. If you are calling someone who is using mobile data, chances are that his/her data will be depleted fast hence the need to inform them beforehand.

The calls are not as instant. Sometimes you say something and wait for a few seconds before the other end can get the message. And when they reply, it also takes a few seconds as compared to normal calls.

All in all, WhatsApp calls are cheap and safer than normal calls.

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