Why Do People Waste So Much Time On Thika Road In The Morning?

by Business Watch Team
Thika Superhighway

Some years back, those who lived along the Thika Superhighway lived a comfortable life. Houses were affordable and accessing the Nairobi Central Business District (CBD) was easy. Traffic was always smooth and the madness on other roads was not dominant here.

With time, everyone loved moving and staying along Thika Superhighway. They call it Thika Road. With more people and cars on the road, Thika Road has become a menace. Traffic barely moves in the morning. From as early as 6:30 in the morning, traffic is already piling up.

From Thika Road Mall (TRM) to Nairobi CBD, with no traffic, it takes at least 5 to 10 minutes, driving at 80 kilometers per hour. Nowadays, with the traffic jam, it takes at least an hour. Sometimes two hours.  People end up losing so much time in traffic jams with no help on the horizon.

Traffic is usually intense from either KCA University or as soon as one approaches the National Youth Service (NYS) headquarters. Many have attributed the murderous traffic on Thika Road to the interchange at Pangani where all the traffic including that from Kiambu Road is matched into one.

The saddest thing is that the government used over 500 million shillings, lying to us that it was setting up a BRT section along Thika Road to ease traffic. Some lines were drawn, cash eaten as it is the norm and things went back to their sad state.

How can we reduce this tiring and mad traffic on Thika Road?

Companies that do not require much of physical appearance, should have their employees work from home. This will cut the number of people trying to access the CBD.

Many of the cars cause traffic and personal cars. Perhaps it will be important for the county government to declare a car-free day for personal cars headed to Nairobi CBD and only have buses and PSVs.

Drivers should be disciplined. Many do not observe traffic rules, overlapping, hitting other cars and creating confusion.

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