Why Every Kenyan Should Have Bima Ya Mwananchi From Britam

by Business Watch Team
Bima Ya Mwananchi

Let us face it. Healthcare is not cheap in Kenya. Although the government is trying to make it affordable, it is still out of reach for millions of Kenyans. For most low-earning Kenyans, a hospital bill is like a death sentence, pushing them and their loved ones into debt and more poverty.

How many times have we seen our friends, relatives, and colleagues form WhatsApp groups to contribute towards the settling of hospital bills and last expenses? How many times have they done so and still ended up in debt and poverty because it is never enough?

But, what if we had a solution? A solution that caters for the lowest earners in our society. What if we had an affordable health cover that does not discriminate? One that treats every Kenyan; poor, middle-class, and even at the top of the ladder as equal?

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What if I told you that such a solution exists? What if I told you that for 4,600 shillings per year, you will have a medical cover that will take good care of you? What if I told you that if you added four other dependents, you would only pay 14,200 shillings annually?

I am talking about Bima Ya Mwananchi from Britam, a company that promises to be with you, every step of the way. With Bima Ya Mwananchi, an individual can get a 75,000 shillings cover for inpatient services if he parts with an annual premium of 4,600 shillings. If the individual also signs up four other dependents, he pays an annual premium of 14,200 shillings.

Under the 75,000 shillings package, the individual also gets 37,500 shillings for the treatment of chronic and pre-existing conditions, 20,000 shillings for maternity, 15,000 shillings for ambulance services in case of an accident, and 40,000 shillings for last expenses.

Bima Ya Mwananchi

And now, Bima Ya Mwananchi can be purchased online. You do not need to fill papers. Just you and your phone.

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