Why Every Organization In Kenya Needs An Investors Day

by Business Watch Team

As business organizations continue to evolve, they are constantly challenged to stay ahead of the curve, anticipate market shifts, and adapt to changing investor expectations. Indeed, over the years, most companies that are listed on the stock exchange have held several events aimed at their investors. One that has gathered momentum in recent years is Investor Day.

Perhaps you’ve already heard of it, however, do you know exactly what it entails, why it is held, and why it holds such significance?

Last week, Safaricom PLC held its second Investor Day in Addis Ababa, providing an opportunity for the investment community to gain insights into the company’s achievements and plans as well as see the progress so far in Ethiopia.

The investor day, themed ” Scaling Operations for Ethiopia’s Digital Future,” brought together over 150 attendees comprised of analysts, regulators, Government representatives, Safaricom PLC Kenya and Ethiopia board members, and senior management.

Investor Day has become more than just a routine event on the corporate calendar; it is a moment of significance where companies have the undivided attention of investors, analysts, and stakeholders.  It serves as a platform for organizations to communicate their vision, showcase their achievements, and outline their plans.

The output is that there is an opportunity for a strategic dialogue between companies and their investors, aimed at aligning interests, managing expectations, and charting a course towards sustainable growth.

Beyond the numbers, Investor Days have lived to underscore the transformative power of such gatherings, transcending traditional financial reporting. Indeed, during the second Safaricom Investor Day, Safaricom PLC had an opportunity to articulate its overarching vision for Ethiopia, shedding light on its progress and plans in the region.

The key focus for this day was to build investor confidence by providing important and accurate information that influences decision-making by investors. Indeed, we had engaging presentations, interactive sessions, and immersive experiences, that offered stakeholders a comprehensive understanding of our operations, strategies, and impact. This guidance empowers investors to make well-informed decisions in an environment where information overload can be overwhelming.

One notable aspect of the Safaricom Investor Day was the inclusion of field trips and market immersions. This provided investors with firsthand experience and insights into our operations, hence adding a tangible dimension to the investor-company relationship. This move did not only enhance transparency but also demonstrated our commitment to accountability and stakeholder engagement.

This kind of engagement also demonstrated collaboration and long-term value creation. It reflected our dedication to foster trust and build a sustainable partnership with our investors and stakeholders. Ultimately, we were able to go beyond financial metrics and embrace a holistic approach to communication showcasing our continued success in Ethiopia’s dynamic telecommunications sector.

Perhaps the most notable value proposition for Investor Day is that it catalyzes innovation and growth. It provides a platform for companies to showcase their strategic technological investment and how they differentiate themselves in the marketplace. For instance, Safaricom was able to provide clarity on its scaling operations for Ethiopia’s digital future underscoring its commitment to driving socio-economic development and empowering communities through technology.

As we look to the future, Investor Day will remain an indispensable tool for an organization that is seeking to establish a solid foundation of trust, communication, and transparency with investors, ultimately positioning itself for sustained growth, enhanced investor confidence, and positive market perception.

It is also important to always keep in mind that, investor relations go beyond numbers and sculpt a credible corporate image and foster relationships, paving the way for sustainable growth.

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The writer, Dilip Pal, is the Chief Financial Officer at Safaricom PLC

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