Why I Chose Jikokoa Xtra For My Mum

by Business Watch Team

The use of energy-saving jikos is a concept that is still being embraced by Kenyans across the country.

In major urban centres, the use of clean energy to cook and energy-saving jikos is common among the majority of dwellers.

In rural areas, however, the most popular method of cooking is the use of firewood. It is common to see mothers and sisters with bundles of firewood on a daily basis.

The use of electricity or LPG is an extreme luxury for many Kenyans in rural areas. In fact, in my village, owners of LPG are more famous than the area Assistant Chief.

For years, my mum has been using firewood to cook and heat. The kitchen was always smoky and the walls long lost their original paint.

During the 2019 Christmas holidays, we decided to turn her life around. My sister and I decided to buy her a brand new Jikokoa Xtra from Burn. It was a nice jiko, attractive and strong.

She did call last week and all she could talk about was the jiko. It does not produce smoke, it has more heat and cooks fast. It also uses less charcoal than any other jiko.

What is more, the Jikokoa Xtra has a lifespan of at least three years and a warranty of two years.

If you are looking for a perfect gift for your mum (if she still uses firewood to cook), then Jikokoa Xtra is what you should get her.

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