Why Massage Parlors Are Thriving In Nairobi

by Business Watch Team

So many massage parlors are mushrooming across Nairobi. Many people are venturing into the business due to its quick returns as compared to others according to those in the business.

The businesses are concentrated in Nairobi’s CBD, Westlands, Hurlingham, Langata, Kasarani, and around Thika Road Mall. The largest market is men who are willing to pay for “some relaxation” after a tiring day.

Most massage parlors away from the CBD are charging between 1,500 and 2,000 shillings for a full body massage while those within Westlands and Hurlingham are charging from an upward of 3,000 shillings.

Walk into one of these massage parlors and you will realize the number of beautiful ladies working in them. You will rarely find men unless they are just there to oversee operations. Perhaps this is the secret behind men flocking to those places.

Word has it that almost all of these massage parlors are offering “happy endings” that include blowjobs, and even sex as part of the “care package” and customer service.

During the week, The Nation published a report that indicated that massage parlors have contributed to the growth and penetration of prostitution within the city which has seen its way into the residential areas.

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