Why Should You Set Up Your Own E-Commerce Platform?

by Business Watch Team

Anyone with a business can set up their own e-commerce platform. In fact, any business that is not online today has no business being in business. At this age, virtually every business that moves with trends must be online.

There are various reasons why e-commerce is important to a business. This article gives 5 reasons why you should have your business on e-commerce:

E-Commerce is affordable. With an online platform, you can do your business from anywhere. In fact, you may decide to say goodbye to paying rent for your shop. Have your products at home and use your online platform to sell.

E-commerce reaches many customers at once. E-commerce platforms are online. Being online means it is a world on its own where as many people as possible can be able to access and see, and perhaps be convinced to purchase your products and services.

At the same time, e-commerce platforms have instant feedback. When a client buys your products or services, they are able to give their feedback almost immediately. This helps you know where you are doing well and where to improve.

E-commerce platforms give a wide range of payment methods. For most people, the main payment methods are Lipa Na M-Pesa and cash. But with Chapa Pay from the Co-operative Bank of Kenya, e-commerce platforms can accept card payments from any part of the world. The beauty about Chapa Pay from the Co-operative Bank of Kenya is that one does not need to have a website to receive payment from customers.

It is easy to track your sales when using an e-commerce platform. This is because most of the payments are made via mobile or bank hence clear records on what has been sold and how much has been received.

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