Why Stima Sacco Is The Best Sacco For Kenyans In Gulf Countries

by Business Watch Team

More than 400,000 Kenyans are living and working in the Gulf Countries, of which 210,000 are in Saudi Arabia according to data released by the Labour Ministry in Kenya.

Despite the challenges in these countries that have resulted in the deaths of some Kenyans, the resilience of Kenyan workers has always stood out and they have continued to prosper.

Most Kenyans in these countries are ladies who go to work as house helpers and maids. They beat all the odds to make a living, invest and help their families back home.

However, the majority of them have ended up coming back home poorer than they went after sending cash to their relatives to invest for them only for relatives to consume every penny.

There was a story of a Kenyan lady in Saudi Arabia who landed at JKIA with no one to receive her. Not even her mother. It turned out that her mum had squandered all the 400,000 shillings she had been sending her to invest.

The truth is, there are amazing investment opportunities for Kenyans living and working in the Gulf Countries. But not through relatives and friends. Many lack information on the right channels they can use to invest in.

The best avenue to save and invest while living and working in the Gulf Countries is through a Sacco, Stima Sacco to be specific. Stima Sacco has a product and an avenue for Kenyans in the diaspora.

Imagine if that lady whose mum squandered 400,000 would have deposited that cash in Stima Sacco. First, her savings would be earning interest annually. She would have come back to find her savings at 500,000+. Second, she would be getting dividends every financial year. Given Stima Sacco pays the largest dividends in the country, the lady would be happy at the moment.

Why Stima Sacco? They have won the trust of over 188,000 members within and without the country. They have an asset base of 54 billion shillings. They have given out at least 40 billion shillings in loans in the last financial year alone. They pay the biggest dividends at the end of the financial year.

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