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Cadbury launched its Give a Generous Voice Story Time campaign that introduces a homegrown audio library and encourages members of the public to record e-books and thus lend their voices to storytime. Something such as this has never happened, especially in the corporate world.

Once upon a time in the digital age, parents faced a daunting challenge: how to prepare their kids for an unpredictable and ever-changing future.

With the rapid advancement of technology and the rise of robotic overlords, it seemed as if the age-old art of storytelling would become a relic of the past, lost in the digital archives alongside ancient cat videos.

Imagine this: You’re at a dinner party, surrounded by friends who regale each other with entertaining tales of their exploits and escapades. Suddenly, you hear a timid voice whispering, “Once upon a time, there was a brave young knight who defeated a dragon…” Instantly, all eyes are drawn to the adorable protagonist of this tale – your child! As the room falls silent, enchanted by your little one’s mesmerizing narrative, you realize that storytelling isn’t just child’s play; it’s a superpower that can open doors and wield influence.

The enchantment of storytelling lies not merely in captivating an audience, but in developing vital skills that will serve your kids throughout their lives.

With storytelling, creativity is unleashed: Like a mythical phoenix rising from the ashes, storytelling ignites the creative flames within children. Creating imaginary worlds, characters, and scenarios lets your kids learn to think outside the box, fostering a boundless imagination that can manifest in problem-solving and innovative thinking.

No better way to create emotional intelligence in kids than through the art of storytelling. Empathy, an elusive yet vital trait, often evades grown-ups. But storytelling helps children see the world through different lenses, promoting emotional intelligence.

Through storytelling, your kid will master the art of communication sorcery: The pen is mightier than the sword, but the spoken word can be a double-edged sword. With storytelling prowess, children gain confidence in expressing their ideas, opinions, and beliefs articulately. Effective communication is the bridge to success, whether in school, in careers, or in making friends.

Storytelling is a learning potion: Who needs a magic potion when you have storytelling? Studies show that storytelling enhances memory retention and cognitive development. As kids narrate tales and decipher intricate plotlines, they boost their comprehension, making learning an enchanting adventure.

What of legendary leadership? Behind every great leader lies a great story. History’s most influential figures were charismatic storytellers, captivating the masses with their visions and dreams.

Talking of defeating the dragons, life is fraught with challenges that rival even the most formidable dragons. But fear not, for our storytelling knights are armed with resilience, courage, and perseverance. Through narratives of triumph over adversity, kids learn to overcome obstacles, turning hurdles into stepping stones.

Share the magic of story time by visiting the Cadbury library at https://www.cadbury.africa/ourownwords/, selecting an E-book, and clicking on the microphone to record yourself narrating a story, or visit Cadbury Generosity Story Time Studio and adding your voice to a homegrown story for other families to enjoy.

The Cadbury Generosity Story Time Studio will be visiting the Sarit Centre Mall, Village Market, Junction Mall, and Imaara Mall from the end of June to August 2023.  Watch out for the dates on Cadbury’s social media platforms.

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