Why We Should Not Use Social Media To Kill Brands

by Business Watch Team

They say technology is like change. It is inevitable. It is a constant wave of change that is sweeping across the world and everyone is feeling the effect.

The coming of social media was seen as the perfect way for people around the world to communicate and socialize.

The dream of making the world a global village has long been realized, thanks to technology and most importantly, social media.

When social media came into being, it was not widely used by brands. Most social media platforms were seen as channels for people to communicate but not for brands to embrace.

Brands have now fully embraced the use of social media to sell, present or reach out to both existing and potential customers and clients.

The use of influencers has widely been embraced by brands to channel out information about their products and services.

Despite the fact that social media has been having tremendous advantages for brands, most people have started using the platforms to kill other brands.

For a few months now, I have witnessed some social media conversations concerning some brands.

What attracted my attention was the conversation on the long and well-known HF Group.

Going through some of the sentiments reveals individuals with malice and full of ill motive only aimed at killing some brands.

I haven’t seen those hitting at the company mentioning some of the amazing initiatives such as the rolling out of the Afyamed Insurance that benefits the aged in the society.

More interesting, people who attack brands with unfounded truths are the same people who have or attempted to bring down some notable brands in the country.

HF Group is not the only company that has been a target of these “online demolishers”. Chase Bank went under receivership for two weeks with the main blame being on the lies that were channeled through social media platforms.

Family Bank of Kenya also faced the same individuals who channeled out lies about the institutions. The examples are endless.

Why should we use social media to kill notable brands in the country? Why can’t we use social media platforms to build what belongs to us?

How can we use social media constructively?

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