Why You Need A Feature Phone For A “Me-Time” This Festive Season

by Business Watch Team
Nokia 105

The festive season is here. A lot is happening. People are planning to travel upcountry and other destinations to join family and friends for Christmas and New Year celebrations. What other better way to disconnect from the rest of the world, and all the noise than having a powerful feature phone?

Even though Kenya has a high smartphone penetration, feature phones are still a darling of millions of Kenyans. Virtually every household in Kenya has a feature phone used for making calls, sending and receiving messages, playing games, and sending and receiving money, among others.

One of the most powerful feature phones in Kenya is the Nokia 105. Nokia 105 seems to be on steroids given the crazy features that have been accorded to it. It is also one of the world’s most popular phones, now more updated and upgraded than ever before.

The great news is that the Nokia 105 has an upgraded 25 percent bigger battery than its predecessor, delivering up to 14 hours of talk time and over three weeks of standby from a single charge. Imagine charging your phone and finding still working on that single charge after three weeks.

At the same time, having undertaken the rigorous durability testing for which Nokia devices are known, the tough Nokia 105 handles what life throws at it. Nano texture keeps the Nokia 105’s Charcoal, Cyan, and Red Terracotta color options protected from bumps and scrapes and looking fresh for longer.

What is more, the Nokia 105 has a wireless FM radio you can enjoy with or without headphones, so you can listen to music, news, or sports on the go. Games like the iconic Snake keep you entertained. Plus, the phone’s torch lights the way for those moments you need it when the sun goes down.

It also has space for 2,000 numbers and 500 SMS so you can keep all your contacts and conversations up to date. And the voice recorder lets you keep track of and listen back to those moments you don’t want to forget.

Get this beast.

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