Why You Need Xecure As Part Of Your New Year’s Resolutions

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People have been asking, “When do we stop saying ‘Happy New Year?'” And you know why? Because the year has already kicked off and January has started melting. For those who haven’t set their New Year’s Resolutions, you better do it now before before you know it, 2024 will be over.

As you plan to set your resolutions, the safety of your phone should be in the plans.  This year, you should resolve not to give smartphone thieves an easy way to get away with your precious smartphone. Your smartphone means everything to you.

Your phone is too important for you to lose it. It has your massive data, contacts, and so many unforgettable memories.  Why would you want to lose it? Is there a way you can reduce the risk of your phone being stolen? Yes. How? Through Xecure.

Xecure is a mobile app that when installed on your phone, reduces the chances of your phone being stolen or accessed without your permission.

Once installed, the Xecure app can set in motion an alarm that immediately alerts you of unauthorized access to your phone. The alarm is loud and will alert you and set the thief into a set of confusion.

Xecure also has a feature that alerts and sends you data immediately after your SIM card is removed and replaced with another. It sends you the details of the new SIM hence helping with the investigation and identification process. This is one of the kinds of technology to ever be launched on the Kenyan market.

What is more, this magical mobile app simultaneously takes selfies of the thief without their knowledge and sends them to your email. This helps you know exactly who stole your phone and makes it easy for the police to track down the thief.

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