Why Your New House In The Village Needs No Smoke

by Business Watch Team

Imagine having constructed a beautiful house in the village, with glittering iron sheets, well-painted walls, state-of-the-art curtains, and great windowpanes, basically, a house that villages turn their necks to see every time they pass by. Let us say you have constructed the house for your dear parents.

Now, imagine going home one day and seeing the smoke billowing from the house. You do not believe your eyes, so you rush in only to find your mother has erected three stones, and she is busy preparing a nice meal for you as she sings her favorite meal.

You want to get mad but you remember one blunder that you and your fundis made; you created a kitchen for her, a beautiful kitchen but did not equip it with the right “cooking machinery” like gas (LPG), or electricity. Then you remember that an LPG is a luxury in the village. Just finding a place to refill is a hustle on its own. You also remember that electricity is one of the most unreliable things in your village too.

You look at the ceiling and see the damage of the smoke, you look at the walls and weep for the great paint that was once there. You turn to the curtains and you want to scream. Again, you see your mother cough, a painful cough, an indication that the effects of the smoke have started catching up with her.

Then you remember hearing something about Jikokoa. But you cannot exactly remember where and what it was all about. But your memory about Jikokoa is right. You remember it being said that it has no smoke (both Jikokoa and Jikokoa Xtra). You also remember that it uses less fuel, produces far much fewer fumes, has more heat, and has a warranty of more than 12 months.

You start wondering how and where you can get hold of this “magical Jikokoa”… You remember it being said that it is found in all major supermarkets around the country such as Naivas, and Carrefour among others. You also remember that it can be ordered via online platforms such as Jumia and delivered to your home free of charge…

Well, you fish out your phone, smile, and hug your mum.

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