Why Your Smartphone Needs Xecure App Today

by Business Watch Team

Nothing is as frustrating as losing a smartphone. The stress that often hits you when you lose a phone is usually on another level. The main reason for this is because we are not always prepared to buy a new phone. Good smartphones aren’t cheap.

There is no doubt that in the current world, we are so much attached to our smartphones. They have so much of our data. They are our bank, our meeting rooms for businesses, family, and friends, and our gallery down memory lane, among others.

What if I told you that there is an app that minimizes the chances of your precious smartphone being stolen? Talking about Xecure, a cutting-edge mobile phone security application.

Xecure has two security modes; Pocket/Bag Mode and Desk Mode. Pocket/Bag Mode is a powerful sensor that automatically activates when there is unauthorized access to your smartphone in your pocket or bag. Desk Mode, on the other hand, is a sensor that activates when your phone is accessed without your knowledge while on a surface, perhaps charging.

Xecure sets in motion an alarm that immediately alerts you of unauthorized access to your phone. Imagine walking within Nairobi’s CBD and then all of a sudden hearing a sizeable loud security alarm of your phone in the hands of another person. Of course, the person will panic and you will have a chance to either shout or recover your smartphone.

Xecure also can take selfies of the person who steals your phone, without his knowledge and send them direct to your email. This feature helps you know the person who stole your phone and can help authorities with identification.

At the same time, Xecure has a feature that alerts and sends you data immediately after your SIM card is removed and replaced with another. It sends you the details of the new SIM hence helping with the investigation and identification process.

The app can be downloaded through this link: http://qrco.de/bebnJn 

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