XBoom Party Speakers With Dynamic Bass Optimizer Launched

by Business Watch Team

LG Electronics (LG) has added two new portable 2023 speaker models to its XBoom series which have the capacity to serve users for up to 20 hours non-stop.

The new models, dubbed XL7 and XL5 seek to build on the brands’ reputation for consistently delivering powerful, high-quality sound systems that heighten every mood while delivering a level of convenience in today’s consumer demand.

Giving his remarks while announcing the new models, LG Electronics EA Managing Director Dong Won Lee said, “We are thrilled to introduce the latest additions to our XBoom series. At LG Electronics, we are always striving to create innovative products that exceed our customers’ expectations, and these new speakers are no exception. With their long-lasting battery life and exceptional sound quality, we believe they will be a game-changer in the portable speaker market.”

With a 250W output, XL7 leverages an 8-inch Giant Woofer for a more powerful bass that affords deeper, bolder sounds to impress indoor and outdoor crowds.

Featuring Dynamic Bass Optimizer, this party speaker’s punchy bass guarantees listeners an optimized, well-balanced audio performance without bass distortion, which is essential for playing content at low volume as it automatically increases the bass levels. In addition, the XL7’s two 2.5-inch dome tweeters make sure it performs just as well outside as it does inside.

The unique lighting effects of the latest XBOOM party speaker lineup make every social gathering more memorable. Its Pixel LED lighting feature comes with Animation mode which expresses colorful patterns, a Visual EQ effect, characters, or customized text on the speaker’s LED panel to enrich the atmosphere of any space.

Additionally, Multi Color Ring Lighting produces light shows with various rotating, flashing effects that perfectly sync with the music to add an extra dimension to the listening experience. What’s more, courtesy of the Customizable Lighting feature, users can choose their own colors, patterns, animations, and personalized messages via the XBOOM app to create custom lighting effects that perfectly match their mood or playlist.

LG’s XBOOM party speakers are specially designed to deliver enhanced usability and convenience to users. The XL7 XBOOM party speaker is equipped with a telescopic handle and wheels that allow it to be moved from place to place effortlessly like wheel luggage.

The XBOOM party speakers boast an IPX4 rating too, which means users can enjoy music outdoors without worry, even around a swimming pool or in the bathroom. This compelling party companion’s battery lasts more than 20 hours, ensuring the party can last for hours.

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