You Are Not Irreplaceable At Your Place Of Work

by Business Watch Team

You have been with company for years. Yes. You are the main person. You have grown it from scratches. The company cannot do without you. You are the company and the company is you.

You walk around thinking you are “the guy”. You believe that if you quit, that company will die. So, the owner must keep you around because you are the reason he drives a big car around town.

You think that you are bulletproof… That you will never be replaced. Well, you are not irreplaceable. Anybody can be replaced and you are not special. You can be replaced, any minute, any day.

Work must go on. You are not your job, you are not your company and your company is not you. You may die for it, shed blood for it, but you are just you, an employee, who can be replaced at any moment if need be.

You are as useful to your boss and his business as long as you continue being relevant and profitable to his/her business. The moment you start becoming a threat or a liability, you will be thrown out like a smelly trash.

At your workplace, nobody cares about you. Everybody is there for their own personal gains. 99.9% of them are your competitors. They want you dead so that they can be where you are. You are not safe. Stop smiling.

The moment you get fired or die, nobody at your company will remember you. Some will pretend to shed a tear but will go back to normalcy as soon as the sun rises. You only have you.

Go to work. Work. Make some few genuine friends. Know your enemies and learn of their plans. Earn your salary and go back home. Go back to your family. They are the only ones who will miss you when you will finally be gone.

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