You Will Soon Sambaza KPLC Tokens

by Business Watch Team
Kenya Power

Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) is working on systems that will see customers sharing power tokens the way they do with Bonga Points. This will see customers when moving to new houses move with their tokens or transfer to friends/family.

Currently, there is no possibility of customers transferring their tokens once they have purchased, something that people have been asking for. If it comes into effect, customers will be able to load tokens and be able to transfer them to another person with ease.

The move will also help customers who run out of tokens but cannot be able to purchase directly due to system glitches. But in the era of massive cyberattacks, KPLC will have to invest heavily in tech security to curb any incidences of people stealing tokens from each other.

Kenya Power has not indicated when it intends to roll out the systems and whether customers will have to pay extra for them.

Kenya Power is the only power supplier in the country. It is also the only company that makes massive losses at times without having a competitor. In April, the government stopped KenGen from selling power directly to consumers, giving KPLC a huge sigh of relief.

In April, Kenya Power announced that it was starting to sell high-speed internet to businesses in the race to diversify its revenues and capitalize on growing data usage in the country. KPLC has been leasing fiber-optic cables attached to its transmission lines to internet service providers.

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