Your Financial Freedom Depends On The Person You Choose To Marry

by Business Watch Team
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Marriages have made many successful. Marriages have also made many poor. Marriages have made prisoners. Marriages have also made many realize their potential in life.

They say marriage is like a prison, you just have to choose the right inmate to serve the rest of the sentence with. Marriage is like an asylum. You just have to choose your fellow lunatic and square it out.

One of the greatest mistakes that people make when entering a marriage is failure to understand the impact the other party has on their financial freedom. Marriage can either make you a prisoner financially or a free person.

Marry someone who understands the value and scarcity of money. Marry someone who understands the pain one goes through to acquire money. Marry someone who knows that money does not grow on trees.

Marry someone who prefers multiplying money to multiplying children. Marry someone you can invest together and grow a business and make money together. Marry someone to make money.

If you marry someone who doesn’t understand the value of money, they will never value the process of getting money. They will only see you as an option, a source of income. An ATM of the sort.

The don’ts of marriage:

Don’t marry for convenience.

Don’t marry for looks

Don’t marry for an urgent need

Don’t marry out of peer pressure

The dos of marriage

Marry to build a future. Nobody marries for problems. We all marry expecting a happy life in the future.

Marry someone you can invest in/with. Marry someone who will add value to your life and grow whatever they put their hands on.

Marry someone who understands the value of money. Someone who knows that money comes and must be maintained to stay.

Marry someone who will take care of your children when you are finally gone. Someone who will continue running your business and maintain your name.

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