Zamara And Old Mutual Partner To Offer Financial Solutions

by Business Watch Team

Old Mutual Insurance has today entered into a partnership with Zamara to offer one-stop financial solutions to its customer base.

The move is part of Old Mutuals’ new commitment to unlocking possibilities for its customers by among other ways fostering continued partnerships with intermediaries such as Zamara.

Giving his remarks during a meeting with Zamara customers, Old Mutual Acting General Manager Life Distribution, Evans Manduku said, “Partnerships are important and allow us to synergize our strengths. A partnership with Zamara gives us the opportunity to tap into their customer base and offer our solutions to them”.

While Old Mutual has an array of solutions ranging from investments, savings, assets management, protection, and even health, its critical illness cover is among the key solutions offered to the Zamara customer base.

The Old Mutual Critical illness insurance cover enables individuals and their families to preserve their savings in the event of a diagnosis such as cancer. The solution is available as a standalone offering and has recently been embedded in the Old Mutual Afya Imara family cover, which enables members to receive a cash payout of up to Ksh.750,000 at the first detection of a critical illness. The lump sum payment will enable one to seek treatment at a facility of their choice and manage the lifestyle that comes with that diagnosis.

In his remarks, Zamara General Manager, Umbrella and Retail Solutions, George Oyuga said, “Old Mutual is a strong brand and they are keen in the way they develop their solutions. We, therefore, feel that coming together with them is a value add to the services we offer our clients as Zamara”.

Besides, “Critical illness insurance among other risk benefits is among the things one needs to consider before retirement. Retirement is not an event, it’s a journey and therefore there are things one needs to consider to ensure that they are well covered so as to arrive at their destination safely and in the most affordable way” said Oyuga.

Old Mutual Group rebranded in May 2022, seeing it migrate from the business name UAP Old Mutual Group. The Business seeks to drive innovation in financial service solutions, which will enable African households to achieve financial stability.

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