Zamara Targets The Uninsured With A New Medical Cover

by Business Watch Team

Zamara Group has rolled out an affordable and flexible medical cover targeting individuals between the age of 18 – 80 years.

The product dubbed Zamara Afya is a comprehensive medical cover that will be available to all non-insured Kenyans. It will provide access to care for inpatient and outpatient services.

Speaking during the announcement, Rosalyn Mugoh, Managing Director, Zamara Risk, and Insurance Brokers Ltd said, “Our aim is to bring quality medical insurance to Kenyans at an affordable price. More importantly, we wanted a solution that met the needs of the consumers. Medical insurance has evolved over time and is now more inclusive than it was in the past, yet the majority of Kenyans are under-insured or not insured at all, which leaves them vulnerable.”

Zamara Afya is a medical insurance product that boasts of unique features such as no waiting periods, no pre-entry medical examination for the insured, a wide panel of providers, free drug delivery, and a series of wellness programs including but not limited to chronic disease management. Other key features of the cover include dental, optical, ambulance, and air evacuation, free last expense, and personal accident covers, whose limits are very competitive.

Most individuals without any form of medical insurance cover often do not receive preventive care and in the event of chronic diseases, lack access to efficient treatment for various chronic conditions. Additionally, most of the uninsured are more likely to be hospitalized for health problems that could have been avoided through periodical medical checkups. This has led to more deaths that could have otherwise been prevented. Zamara Afya addresses all these challenges.

Ultimately, medical insurance is about ensuring ease of access and quality care to members. The larger population of uninsured individuals are much more likely to postpone, forgo care or rely on over-the-counter medication due to cost implications than those with coverage. Our aim is to provide financial security in health care.
The Zamara Afya medical cover will be provided by Zamara Risk & Insurance Brokers Ltd and underwritten by Jubilee Insurance.

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